UH VPN on iPhone

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UH VPN on iPhone

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Follow our simple setup guides or:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Add servers to your UH VPN group.
  3. Install UH VPN server software on-premise or in the cloud by following our simple setup guides.
  4. Add people and their associated devices to the group.
  5. Download the apps for free below and enjoy UH VPN!

For assistance please see our documentation hub or post an issue on our forum:

UH VPN Main Features

View a snapshot of our extensive VPN feature list.

Feature Description
Enhanced VPN Security All data in transit is encrypted using AES-256-GCM with ECDHE.
Simple Profile Distribution No need for certificate distribution! Profiles are installed using one-time codes.
Per-device Revocation Instantly revoke compromised devices from the web interface.
Branding All mobile apps can be themed with custom logos and colours.
Censorship Evasion Ultra Horizon's unique DPI evasion technology evades firewall blocking.
Custom Cryptography If you have an existing PKI you can use it within UH VPN!
Split Routing Selective routing by subnets can be configured with UH VPN.
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