UH VPN on iPhone

A secure, fast and easy to use VPN platform!

UH VPN on iPhone

Get started in 4 simple steps!

  1. Contact Ultra Horizon for a licence or trial.
  2. Configure your newly created UH VPN group.
  3. Install UH VPN server software on-premise or in the cloud.
  4. Add people and their associated devices to the group.
  5. Download the apps for free below and enjoy UH VPN!

For assistance please see our documentation hub or post an issue on our forum:

Feature Matrix

High level overview of UH VPN features

Feature Explanation
Enhanced VPN Security UH VPN utilises AES-256-GCM for data channel encryption with ECDHE.
Per-device Revocation Instantly revoke lost or stolen devices from the web interface.
Simple Profile Distribution VPN profiles are installed via one-time codes, no complex certificate distribution!
Dualstack Support UH VPN supports both IPv4 and IPv6 to provide dualstack communications to all users.
Custom Branded Apps UH VPN allows admins to upload colour choices and logos to brand mobile applications.
DPI Evasion UH VPN traffic is masked as random data to prevent firewalls detecting VPN traffic.
Custom Cryptography Existing public key infrastructure can be migrated to UH VPN.
Split Routing Admins can control what traffic is routed over the VPN.