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UH VPN on iPhone

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Follow our simple setup guides or:

  1. Sign-up for an account.
  2. Create a UH VPN group and associated servers.
  3. Install UH VPN server software on-premise or in the cloud by following our simple setup guides.
  4. Add people and their associated devices to the group.
  5. Download the apps for free below and enjoy UH VPN!

For assistance please see our documentation hub or post an issue on our forum:

Licence Comparison

Compare our core and enterprise licences.

Feature Core Enterprise
Enhanced VPN Security yes yes
Simple Profile Distribution yes yes
Per-device Revocation yes yes
Dualstack Support yes yes
Client Applications yes yes
Custom Branding no yes
Censorship Evasion no yes
Custom Cryptography no yes
Split Routing no yes
On-premise Hardware no yes
Support Community Telephone & Email
Price £1/device per month Contact Us